Sri Ganesha Temple in Utah

January 18, 2003

Source: Deseret News

On January 18, 2003 the Deseret News reported that "little more than a stone's throw from the comparative behemoth that Latter-day Saints know as the Jordan River Temple, the Sri Ganesha Temple will serve a growing Hindu population along the Wasatch Front, not only as a place of worship, but as a community gathering place. While the two temples are worlds apart in the mode and practice of their religious worship, both provide a focal point for the highest ideals their members espouse... Some 300 families along the Wasatch Front are part of the growing Hindu presence in Utah, according to Indra Neelameggham. The basement of her South Jordan home now serves as a temporary temple, and houses the Lord Ganesha deity that will take center stage at the new temple about a mile away."