Spiritual Explosion in the Workplace

November 1, 1999

Source: Businessweek


On November 1, 1999, Businessweek reported that "today, a spiritual revival is sweeping across Corporate America as executives of all stripes are mixing mysticism into their management, importing into office corridors the lessons usually doled out in churches, temples, and mosques...The number of related books hitting the store shelves each year has quadrupled since 1990, to 79 last year. The latest: the Dalai Lama's Ethics for the New Millennium, a new business best-seller. Says Laura Nash, a business ethicist at Harvard Divinity School and author of Believers in Business: 'Spirituality in the workplace is exploding.'" Says the co-author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, "Spirituality could be the ultimate competitive advantage."