Spiritual Diversity of Maryland Vacation Church School

July 25, 2003

Source: The Baltimore Sun


On July 25, 2003 The Baltimore Sun reported that "spiritual diversity is the essence of vacation church school, a new children's summer program sponsored by Howard County's two Unitarian churches: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia and Channing Memorial Church in Ellicott City... The joint program, open to the community, was held this week at Unitarian Universalist at Owen Brown Interfaith Center. It was led by the churches' religious education directors - Cathy Muller of Unitarian Universalist and Cheryl Gwynn-Haymes of Channing Memorial. 'This is the first for both of us,' Gwynn-Haymes said. 'It's a learning experience. We hope to grow it each year...' The vacation school youngsters explored other world religions through stories and activities, and they discussed how Unitarian Universalism relates to them. 'We wanted to provide our children with a general overview of world religions and their key elements,' Gwynn-Haymes said."