Spiritual Center in Ithaca Home to Many Religions

January 19, 2005

Source: The Ithaca Journal


On January 19, 2005 The Ithaca Journal reported, "located on Turkey Hill Road in Ithaca [NY], the Foundation of Light offers a unique spiritual experience for local residents who are looking for an environment that is accepting of all religious and nonreligious denominations. In the early 1970s, the Foundation of Light was established by Mabel DeMotte Beggs, and Kate and John Payne after they decided to begin a meditation and healing group that reflected their interest in ancient cultures and religions. The organization's purpose, according to its Web site, is to serve as a 'free church, a spiritual center for meditation, healing and study.' Foundation of Light Board President Barbara Schramm first came to the organization in the 1970s after she began studying comparative religions. Janis Strope, a member of the Foundation of Light's Board of Trustees, grew up Methodist, but later came to learn about the Wicca religion in her 30s. Strope said she was unhappy about the lack of female presence in Christianity and other organized religions... Strope now practices her religion at the Foundation of Light along with other Wiccans."