Special-Use Permit for Psychic Advisers

January 14, 2003

Source: Rocky Mountain News


On January 14, 2003 the Rocky Mountain News reported that "Wiccans, pagans, tarot-card readers and spiritual advisers turned out in force Monday night to give the [Wheat Ridge, CO] City Council some advice: Ditch an ordinance regulating where 'psychic advisers' can locate businesses within the city... But after nearly three hours of debate, the council passed the ordinance by a 6-2 vote... Under the category 'psychic adviser,' the law includes 'fortunetellers, tarot-card readers, astrologers, clairvoyants and dream interpreters.' It excludes licensed professional counselors such as psychotherapists... The proposed ordinance would require any such businesses to obtain a special-use permit requiring them to undergo a public hearing and pay an $800 fee to locate within certain commercial neighborhoods."