Southeast Asian Muslim Leaders Plan Task Force to Promote Moderation

November 29, 2006

Source: Indian Catholic

MAKATI CITY, Philippines (UCAN) -- Government officials and leaders of Muslim groups at the second international conference of Southeast Asian Muslim leaders here agreed to form a task force to promote "the moderate teachings of Islam."

The proposed body was provisionally named the International Islamic Da'wah Task Force, according to Taha Basman, president of the Philippine branch of the Center for Moderate Muslims (CMM). The center hosted the Nov. 22-24 meeting in Makati City, southeast of Manila.

Basman told UCA News that the task force would comprise 10 "key figures" representing major Muslim organizations "adopting the moderate teachings of Islam." He defined "moderate" as "having the value of patience, tolerance and respect for other people."

A person who easily gets angry and engages in acts of hatred and violence is not moderate but an "extremist," continued Basman, a commissioner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).