In Solidarity, Many Wear Head Covering

November 14, 2006

Author: Lisa Fernandez

Source: The Mercury News

Samantha Keller of San Jose wrapped a pink scarf around her face Monday, covering her long, curly brown hair. The church-going Catholic donned a Muslim veil as part of a global social experiment to show that she respects other people's cultures and faiths.

``I didn't get any weird stares or feel ostracized,'' said Samantha, 15, a sophomore at San Jose's Presentation High School. ``My school is pretty tolerant, but I wonder how it would have been in the real world?''

She was among the few who took ``Wear a Hijab/Turban Day'' to heart.

The event officially kicked off at noon Monday when about 100 people attended a 30-minute ceremony in rainy, blustery weather in Fremont's Central Park. Most of the guests covered their heads for the gathering but took off their headgear afterward. Keller kept her scarf on all day.

``The motto at my school is, `Not words but actions,' '' Keller said. ``I thought this was my chance to do something.''