Sniper Strikes at Brevard Mosque During Ramadan Prayers

September 25, 2006

Source: Central Florida News 13

On September 25, 2006 Central Florida News 13 reported, "Federal agents are in Melbourne investigating a shooting that happened at a mosque late Friday night. The shooting happened during the nightly prayers of Ramadan. As the holy month continues, worshippers say violence won't keep them away. And it was a shattering start to Ramadan. As people prayed inside this Melbourne mosque Friday, Delancie Phillips almost lost his life. Phillips said she 'Never thought it could happen like that.' Delancie Phillips was one of the worshipers inside when the shots rang out. She described the scene, 'When I first heard them I thought about firecrackers, but debris was flying around and I realized it was gunshots.' Melbourne Police say a person or persons shot several rounds from a rifle at the mosque. It happened just as Phillips was walking outside... Melbounre Police assured people, 'Security will be tightened around the mosque.' Investigators from the FBI, FDLE, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are also working the case... Kevin Farrington of the FBI said, 'We consider the investigation of this possible hate crime, and any possible hate crime, as one of the highest priorities of the FBI.'"