Slain Sikh Cabdriver Honored by Procession

September 16, 2003

Source: Tri-Valley Herald,1413,86~10669~1635272,00.html

On September 16, 2003 the Tri-Valley Herald reported that "Muslim, Sikh and Hindu cab drivers throughout San Mateo County converged on the steps of the Hall of Justice Monday, decrying the weekend shooting death of one of their own that they believe was motivated by hate. They joined together from different faiths to protest the killing of 23-year-old Davinder Singh, a practicing Sikh originally from India. Singh had picked up two passengers in Redwood City during the early morning hours of Saturday, when his passenger shot him several times in the head. Singh had been wearing a turban and had a full beard, which cab drivers said made him an easy target...Ricky Dhillo, who said he is not a practicing Sikh, said many fellow cab drivers had advised Davinder Singh not to wear his turban. Dhillo said Singh refused, telling others he could not conceal his faith. "