Slain Sikh Cabdriver Honored by Procession

September 16, 2003

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On September 16, 2003, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that "cabdrivers in Redwood City insisted Monday that a fellow taxi driver was shot and killed because he was wearing a Sikh turban, even as police offered assurances that the slaying was the result of a botched robbery -- not a hate crime. Daviner Singh, 21, died early Saturday after a passenger shot him twice in the head through his turban...Despite police assurances that the crime was unrelated to Singh's religion or ethnic background, cabdrivers remain worried. Some drivers said they had removed their turbans and shaved their beards even before the shooting. But Gurmit Singh, who has been wearing his turban while driving his cab for the past two years, said he has no intention of losing what is sacred to his religion. Instead, he hopes that Americans will do more to educate themselves about Sikh culture. 'Some people think we should have weapons, but I don't think so,' Singh said. 'The people here should be educated about who's from where.'