Single Muslims Look for Love at Matrimonial Events

August 17, 2005

Source: The Star-Ledger

On August 17, 2005 The Star-Ledger reported, "Islam forbids unsupervised dating, so the recent gathering of young, unmarried Muslims in the banquet hall of an Edison restaurant was billed not as a singles party but as a weightier Muslim Matrimonial Event. The modern 'speed-dating' technique was blended with old religious practices, giving it an Islamic twist with clear rules: Chaperones would roam while the 100 unmarried 'candidates' got to know each other through small group talks. An imam would lecture on how the prophet Muhammad valued marriage. There would be a break for evening prayer... Muslim gatherings like this have sprouted up around the country in the last few years because finding good matches for religious American Muslims remains difficult, singles say, even as Muslim communities grow, develop matchmaking Internet sites and continue attempts at arranged marriages... Muslims are not the only group in this predicament, of course. Generations of Jews, Greeks, Italians, Asians and other minority groups in America have tried -- or felt pressure -- to marry from among their own."