Singapore Taoist Federation Introduces Course to Raise Inter-Religious Understanding

February 27, 2010

Author: Dylan Loh

Source: Channel NewsAsia

The Singapore Taoist Federation has started a course to promote inter-religious understanding. 

It is the first formal programme by the Federation to help people learn more about Taoism.

Taoism is more than just performing rituals at temples, and this is what the Singapore Taoist Federation wants to highlight in its new course. 

"The student will learn about the Taoist philosophies, the art, rituals and Taoist culture," said Ling Kin Huat, vice-chairman of the Singapore Taoist Federation. "We don't only tell our devotees just to come to the temple and pray. With this course, they will know about the culture and philosophies of the Taoists." 

The course is not just for Taoists - out of about seventy people who have enrolled, 30 are non-Taoists, including three Buddhists and one Christian. 

Besides this course, the Federation is holding forums to encourage dialogue about the religion.