Sikhs in X-Mas Parade in Bakersfield, CA

December 8, 2006

Source: Sikh News Network

Sikhs of Bakersfield gathered together and participated in an annual Christmas parade in Bakersfield, California. The parade is a yearly event and this is the second time Sikhs have shown the spirit of happiness, universal brotherhood and one God with fellow Americans. The float displayed a Nishan Sahib, American national flags, and sloagans saying "We believe in prayers", "God is truth", "We recognise entire race as one", "We see god in all" etc.

Bhai Balraj singh carried the leading Nishan Sahib with other Sikhs on the side carrying national flags and banners. Attoney and city human council member Gurujodha Singh Khalsa carried mary x-mas banner.

Dr. Manbir Singh-chairman of Gurdwara Guru Angad Darbar and local reator Bhalinder Singh Suri were on the side of the trailer run by Harjit Singh. Nazar Singh Kooner - local Sikh activist played the key role of arranging and coordinating this parade along with Kuldeep S. Randhawa and Shinda Singh Uppal. Thosands of people from the side of the street and also from the buildings greeted Sikhs for theire kind gesture and sharing the happiness.