Sikhs Worship in First South American Gurdwara

October 31, 2005

Source: SikhNet!OpenDocument

On October 31, 2005 SikhNet reported, "As Guru Nanak traveled by foot all over the Asian continent, a group of Khalsa Sikhs from USA and Mexico are carrying thru Gurus teachings, flying, all over the South American Continent... Departing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Jatha traveled 6 hours to reach Guru Nanak Sar Templo (Gurdwara) in the town of Rosario de la Frontera. In this Northern region, dubbed the 'Breadbasket' of Argentina, there exists a little known and beautifully well kept Gurdwara of Argentine born Sikhs. This Gurdwara was established by the Sikhs that came to Argentina in the early [1900s]. Originally they came to establish Sugar Cane farming as well as work the railroad built by the British. Now, only a few of the families still farm while most run supermarkets, transport companies and other businesses. Being the first Sikh Gurdwara in South America, now it is the Sunday focal point for the Sikhs of the town as well as many Sikh families that have come from Punjab more recently, only 8 to 20 years ago."