Sikhs Urged Wear Kesris Every Thursday to Raise Awareness

November 18, 2004


On November 18, 2004 reported, "The French Sikh delegation visiting India and the Sikh Nation Organisation (SNO), in a joint appeal, have urged the Sikhs of the world to wear kesri headgear on every Thursday and Gurpurabs 'to build an effective global movement to focus international attention on unique Sikh identity, facing serious crisis in France and some other countries.' The French Sikh delegation reached Patiala last evening and held prolonged parleys till late night with the SNO before leaving for Delhi for a meeting with the chairman of the Human Rights Commission and the Prime Minister. The SNO is spearheading a global movement on Sikh identity and ideology. Its petition, under 1503 procedure on French ban on turban and religious symbols, is under the consideration of the United Nations Human Rights Commission."