Sikhs Seek New Home In Southington Temple

May 4, 2010

Author: Diane Church

Source: The New Britain Herald

Contrary to popular misconception, the building going up on West Street isn’t a mosque. It’s a Sikh temple, and the 200 or so families throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts who worship there practice Sikhism, a 500-year-old religion from the Punjab region of India.

The Sikh religion is not based on the Bible, but on the teachings of 10 gurus who lived in India. The first guru, Nanak Dev, was born in 1469. The Sikhs’ 1,430-page scripture was written by six of the gurus, who each built on the teachings of the previous ones.

Much of the religion centers on meditation. It is based on peace and equality.

“All are considered equal,” said Darshan Singh Bajwa, a trustee and former Sikh priest. “Even if a king comes to our service he would sit with us on the floor.”