Sikhs Protest Religious Symbols Ban at French Consulate in San Francisco

October 29, 2005

Source: SikhSangat

On October 29, 2005 SikhSangat reported, "More than one hundred Sikh demonstrators protested against France's ban on religious insignias in public schools on Thursday morning outside the Consulate General of France. Sangat came from as far as Central valley to protest against French ban on head covering in public schools. After two hours of protesting against French consulate, the group of Sikh activists went to Stanford University, where Ambassador Jean-David Levitte was invited to speak on the subject of international studies program. Approximately 15 visible Sikhs listened to his speech. Representatives of Voices for Freedom, United Sikhs and Fremont Gurdwara committee were there to raise their voice.

After the event, the group of Sikhs approached the ambassador to discuss the turban issue. Bay Area Sikhs said on Thursday, there is no evidence to suggest that French core values are threatened by anyone expressing their religious faith."