Sikhs Participate in Espanola Community Festival

October 13, 2005

Source: Sikh Net News!OpenDocument

On October 13, 2005 Sikh Net News ran a feature article by Gurujot Singh Khalsa, a member of the Espanola, New Mexico Sikh community. "[A few members of the] Española Sangat participated in Spañapalooza on Oct. 8th. This is an annual event with live music, poetry, free food, and lots of different groups, sharing information. There were 700 – 1,000 participants and about 30 booths. Our role in this event [was to work] with ‘Interfaith Leap,’ get a table to serve chilled Yogi Tea and jujubes, and Kuldeep Singh gave free massages... We also had flyers about yoga, herbology, and Sikhism. We talked to community members from Española, and we were shocked when they asked us where we were from. We’re from Española and they didn’t know about us. This gave us the gratification of coming to this event and making our presence felt... I felt that the community liked seeing us with them in a relaxed social way. The organizers liked us very much, and invited us back next year... I feel like we have so much to offer our community, and we just need to take an initiative. We look forward to making more public appearances, serving, making friends and closing the gap with the local community."