Sikhs Number Near 600,000 in UK, 20 Million Worldwide

December 19, 2004

Source: The Scotsman

On December 19, 2004 The Scotsman reported, "Sikhism, which was founded in the 15th century, is thought to have around 600,000 followers in the UK and Gurdwaras welcome people of all faiths. Generally open 24 hours a day, many Sikh temples provide temporary accommodation for visitors or pilgrims and all Gurdwaras offer free food to those that want it. Gurdwaras, meaning the gateway through which the Guru could be reached, not only offer Langar – a free community kitchen – but often act as libraries of Sikh literature, schools to teach children scriptures and as charitable centres... Sikhism, which has an estimated 20 million followers across the globe, is the youngest of the great world faiths and originates in the Punjab."