Sikhs Meet With Government Over French Ban

January 27, 2004

Source: Sikhnet

On January 27, 2004 Sikhnet reported, "On January 27th, an eleven-member delegation representing Sikh American organizations in the United States had a full day of meetings with various government agencies in Washington D.C. to voice their concern for the French ban on religious head coverings, according to a report released by Voices for Freedom. The proposal by the French government to ban ostensible head coverings in public schools is facing mounting criticism in the United States. The ban would affect Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Sikh students who wear articles of faith. These students would be denied a public education and forced into parochial private schools, segregating them along religious lines. In a meeting with the United States Department of State, the delegation was presented a letter that Republican Senator Rick Santorum wrote to French President Jacques Chirac asking him to reconsider his decision to ban the wearing of religious articles at public schools 'as it will not resolve the conflicts between religious groups.'"