Sikhs to Lobby Against Paris Olympic Bid

April 24, 2005

Source: The Panthic Weekly

On April 24, 2005 The Panthic Weekly reported, "In July this year the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be voting to decide which city will host the 2012 Olympic games. The Sikh Federation in association with the National Council of Gurdwaras and various UK Sikh Organisations has said it will be writing to the 120+ IOC members voting, with regards to the French Law banning the Sikh Dastar (Turban)�as well as other religious articles of faith.

The candidate cities in the running are Paris, London, New York, Madrid and Moscow. The IOC members will meet in Singapore to decide the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympics. It has been widely speculated that the final round of voting is likely to be between Paris and London.

The Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK), Amrik Singh, in the letter to each IOC members has appealed for the Paris bid�for 2012 to be rejected as long as the laws and practices in France discriminate against those that wish to freely practice their faith."