Sikhs Lobby Against French Ban of Religious Symbols

January 19, 2004

Source: Sikhnet

On January 19, 2004 Sikhnet reported, "On Monday, January 19th, the Sikh Coalition and over eighty Sikh organizations issued a letter to French President Chirac stating concerns about the French government's possible ban on religious articles of faith in public schools. The letter outlines the necessity of the turban for a Sikh and calls on Chirac to withdraw his endorsement of proposed ban. This letter is the first step in a three-point action plan developed by the Sikh Coalition. In a Community Advisory issued yesterday, the Sikh Coalition said that they would not only issue a letter to Chirac but also 'work with the United States Congress on this issue' and 'go to France to work with French officials on this issue.' The Sikh Coalition decided to participate in this issue after numerous requests from the worldwide sangat to join the fight to persuade France not enact a ban on religious articles of faith."