Sikhs Find a Home in Eugene

January 5, 2006

Source: Eugene Weekly

On January 5, 2006 the Eugene Weekly reported, "Eugene has become a center of sorts for the Sikh religion, with members coming from near and far to work, attend school, raise families and build a community based on a tradition of tolerance and devotion. The Sikh religion came to Eugene in 1970 when Dr. Sat Kirpal Singh Khalsa and his wife moved to the community to teach yoga. Thirty-five years later, more than 140 Sikhs live in Eugene, according to Viriam Singh Khalsa, executive secretary of Eugene's Sikh Dharma... In Eugene, Sikhs attend public schools, work as professors, computer engineers and bakers. The Sikh community offers a free weekly meal from St. Vincent de Paul's kitchen, consistently stocks Food For Lane County's shelves with food made at their Golden Temple Bakery, and every month Sikhs play a central role in the interfaith service at First Christian Church."