Sikhs Fight Turban Battle in France

October 2, 2008

Author: Nupur Sood

Source: NDTV

In France, if you are a Sikh, you cannot wear a turban or any other visible symbol of religious affiliation to a publically funded educational institution.

France's [S]ikh community had been waiting for the day, when their Sikh Prime Minister from India would come to France and ask the French President to lift the turban ban.

Initially, they were disappointed after President Sarkozy, standing right next to Dr Singh in Marseilles, said rules are rules.

The next day, however, Manmohan Singh brought up the ban in their one on one meeting in the form of a letter. He also made a written appeal and got an assurance from the President that the matter will be looked into.

Sikh community leaders are hopeful but also wary they say similar promises have been made before.