Sikhs in British Columbia Debate Issue of Same-Sex Marriage

July 14, 2005

Source: CBC News

On July 14, 2005 CBC News reported, "At the same time as Bill C-38 – the law that would sanction same-sex marriage – is before the Senate, some Sikh temples in Surrey are circulating a petition against it... [T]he vice-president of the Guru Nanak Temple in Surrey [Sanhdu Samra]... says many people are telling him they don't support the legislation. But he says people are in favour of an alternative. 'If they want to pass this bill, they can keep some kind of union of couple – but they should not say it's marriage.' However, the head of the World Sikh Organization is telling the Senate committee that Sikhs in Canada support same-sex marriage. 'It's about equality,' says Anne Lowthian. 'Sikhism is about equality and justice'... Lowthian says it's also important for Sikhs to speak up in favour of same sex marriage for other reasons. She says Canada has been respectful of religious symbols such as the turban and she says it's time Sikh people stood up for other minority groups."