Sikhs Asked to Leave Behind Ornamental Daggers in Order to Attend White House Function

August 15, 2004

Source: The Washington Times

On August 15, 2004 The Washington Times reported, "Some Sikhs may elect not to attend a White House function to commemorate the 400th anniversary of their faith because of a security dispute. As part of a new initiative to stay engaged with Americans of all faiths, the Bush administration has invited members of America's Sikh community to an Aug. 18 White House ceremony... But the Chairman of the World Sikh Council, Kuldeep Singh, said Sunday members of his group will not attend the function because the participants have been asked not to bring their 'Kirpans' with them... Rajwant Singh, one of the organizers of the event, has offered a compromise by asking the guests to wear a medallion with a small Kirpan image on it instead of the ornamental dagger."