Sikhs Ask Cops to Ban 'Sardar' Jokes on Net

March 19, 2007

Source: The Times of India,curpg-1.cms

MUMBAI: Buoyed by a successful campaign against a publisher of joke books, members of the Sikh community have now approached the Mumbai police to block any form of humour on the net targeting them.

The cyber cell department of the crime branch has received a plea asking it to "ban jokes on the internet" which portray Sardars as objects of ridicule.

Community heads feel the jokes, many of them bordering on the obscene, have begun to have such a demoralising effect on Sikh youths that they feel "ashamed when they interact with members of other communities."

The latest provocation was the publication of the Santa and Banta Joke Book found stocked by a Matunga-based book publisher. Ranjit Parande had been selling copies of the book for the last year and a half.

On Sunday, nearly 25 Sikh youths from a youth body, Sikh Media and Culture Watch (SMCW) gathered in front of the Shivaji Park police station demanding Parande's arrest.