Sikhs Appeal to Government: Tackle Hate Crimes Against "Most Visible Ethnic Minority"

September 12, 2005

Source: BBC News

On September 12, 2005 BBC News reported, "The UK government needs to do more to protect Sikhs from race hate after the London bombings and 2001 attacks in the US, the Sikh Federation has said. The political party said ministers had 'not adequately acknowledged and tackled race-hate crimes against Sikhs and their religious institutions.'

Its comments came at the National Sikh Convention in Wolverhampton on Sunday.

Partnerships to encourage UK Sikhs to join the three main political parties in greater numbers were also announced.

The Sikh Federation organised the conference at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara attended by more than 10,000 people... Its chairman Bhai Amrik Singh told the convention Sikhs were 'the prime target of hate crimes as the largest and most visible ethnic minority.'"