Sikhs and Larger Indian Community Celebrate Vaisakhi in Yorkshire

April 14, 2004

Source: itv Yorkshire

On April 14, 2004 itv Yorkshire reported, "The most important date in the Sikh calendar is being celebrated in Yorkshire today. Members of the Sikh community from across the county are gathering in Bradford for Vaisakhi. A full day of celebrations began early at the Guru Nanke Temple. The Vaisakhi festival was created in India 305 years ago, by the Tenth Guru, Gobind Singh. And today Bradford saw its biggest ever celebration of the event. Although originally a Sikh festival, the significance of this day around the world transcends both political borders and different faiths. AP Dharni from the Hindu Society of Bradford said: 'We come from the same part of India so it is a joint celebration, and we want to join our Sikh brotherhood to thank with us for this day.' A gathering of around 1,000 people then moved away from the Temple to begin a seven hour procession, passing by all the Sikh temples in the Bradford area."