Sikhs and French Lobby Government Over Resolution 528

March 11, 2004

Source: The Sikh News Network

On March 11, 2004 The Sikh News Network reported, "Since the French Parliament passed the bill banning religious head coverings in early February, Sikhs have been lobbying the U.S. House of Representatives to co-sponsor Resolution 528. At the same time, French lobbyists have also been lobbying the U.S. Representatives not to sign the Resolution. Sikhs and French lobbyists are literally passing each other in the halls of the US Congress to vie support for their cause... Resolution 528 was introduced by Congressmen Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Mike Honda (D-CA) shortly after the French Parliament passed the ban bill in early February. A spokesperson for the Lobbying group stated that both representatives have been very supportive for the Sikh cause, especially Mike Honda, who recently lost his wife to terminal cancer. The purpose of the Resolution is to show a formal U.S. comment to the international community that the U.S. opposes the French ban."