Sikhs Act as Mediators Between Hindus and Muslims in Nanded

December 14, 2003

Source: The Indian Express

On December 14, 2003 The Indian Express reported, "Last month the bombing of a mosque [in the North Indian city of Nanded] triggered riots that went on for a week. In a place where Hindus and Muslims clash at the drop of a grenade, the Sikh community plays the all-important role of the neutral party that often mediates and mends. They enjoy a peaceful existence away from the riots and bloodshed. Even when the rest of Nanded is under curfew, members of all communities throng the gurudwara...'We are on good terms with both Hindus and Muslims,' says 57-year-old Devendar Singh Chaddha. 'We try and talk them out of this rift as much as we can. These riots do disturb us though we are never directly affected. It’s all about politics.' Sikhs in Nanded are not many in numbers and do not have a significant political presence but they do enjoy an important place in Nanded’s religiously divided society. Some of them even take active part in peace initiatives."