Sikhcess at Work

January 7, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet

A group of local residents gathered on November 17, 2007 to cook food and deliver it to the city's homeless. This effort occurred without any financial donations or support from government or NGO agencies.

This campaign began in Canada , where the Vancouver Sikhcessâ„¢ volunteers initially delivered 20,000 food packages to its local homeless. This "born and raised in Vancouver" campaign has now stormed across North America and quickly became a continent-wide phenomenon! The effort came to the United States in November 2007 and nearly 50,000 food packages were delivered in one night!

Sikhcess is a community-service organization dedicated to promoting the basic Sikh principles of public service, community, and equality for mankind, today unveiled plans for international expansion of its 'Feed the Homeless' campaign.