Sikh Woman Stabbed in Suspected Hate Crime: Update

October 5, 2001

Source: The Sacramento Bee

October 5, 2001, The Sacramento Bee reported "Woman says she was attacked, a victim of a hate crime." The article noted, "A 51-year-old Sikh said she was attacked last weekend by two men who stabbed her twice in the head and threatened to kill her. The attack on Swaran Kaur Bhullar is believed to be the first hate crime in San Diego County since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. ... Bhullar said she was attacked Sunday as she sat in her car on Mirmar Road. Two men pulled next to her on a motorcycle, opened her door and allegedly yelled, 'This is what you get for what you've done to us.'" The article continued, "She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for two cuts in her scalp and then released."