Sikh Wins Rights to Wear Patka to City Pool

August 7, 2005

Source: The Panthic Weekly

On August 7, 2005 The Panthic Weekly reported, "Ramdas Singh Khalsa, a young Sikh, who was denied entry to the local Van Cortland Park swimming pool on Friday July 22nd has won his rights to wear his patka (a small turban) in the City Pool. He was told that if he wanted to use the pool he had to wear a 'Speedo' bathing cap and that no other head covering would be permitted... His family then contacted the City Council representative Oliver Koppell who was also a former New York State attorney general... On August 3rd Ramdas Singh was granted the right to wear his patka to the city pool. His mother thanked the Sikh Community for their prayers."