Sikh Video Game Creator Claims BBC Misrepresented Sikhs as Anti-Muslim

June 17, 2006

Source: The Times of India

On June 17, 2006 The Times of India reported, "A Birmingham-based Sikh video game creator has accused the British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) of misrepresenting a Sikh history-based game he has developed as anti-Muslim. According to a report in Eastern Eye , an ethnic Indian newspaper in Britain, Taranjit Singh has claimed that BBC's Asian Network, in a show, manipulated and took out of context the content of his game and made it look like one of the 'Sikhs killing Muslims'. Singh, who also works as a web researcher in the Museum and Art Gallery at Birmingham, has lodged a complaint with the Office of Communications (Ofcom), Britain's official media watchdog. 'I created this game because books were not enough to educate the youth on the complicated history of Sikh-Muslim tension,' he told the newspaper. 'Instead of trying to create discussion and offer a balanced platform for dialogue, they tried to make trouble between two communities.'"