Sikh Temple Inaugurated in Afghanistan

July 25, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Pakistan Daily

Ghazni governor inaugurated a temple for adherent of Sikh religion after completion of the construction work on this holy place of Sikh followers in Ghazni province.

Accomplished on over 27 acres of land the Sikh temple had been completed by $151000 assistance from Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).

Ismail Jahangir spokesman of the Ghazni governor told the new temple had rooms for guests and chicken.

Dilip Singh MP of the Sikhs in Ghazni province while praising the step said problems in offering their religious ceremonies and parties was solved with this new temple.

They had been faced with several troubles before the inauguration of this new temple, he added.

The new temple could house 3000 people at once, he informed, urging the government to focus on the religious minorities in the province to protect their entitled rights.