Sikh Temple Debate Comes Back to Council

March 2, 2010

Author: Scott Tracey

Source: Guelph Mercury

City councillors on Monday night heard more than a dozen delegations arguing for and against a proposed Sikh temple in the south end.

Mayor Karen Farbridge set the tone for the meeting, warning at the beginning there would be “zero tolerance” for racially-motivated language which has at times found its way into the debate since the proposal first came to light about three months ago.

Farbridge said the Guelph Sikh Society, and those who oppose the temple, each have the right to express their views without criticism, and the 13 delegations who addressed council did so respectfully.

Of the speakers, four clearly spoke in opposition to the proposal while two others suggested they could accept it if some major modifications were made, particularly to the size and design of the building.