Sikh Teenagers Allege Attackers Cut Off Their Hair

March 5, 2004

Source: New York Newsday,0,6798752.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

On March 5, 2004 New York Newsday reported that "two Sikh teenagers told police they were beaten and robbed by a group of men who yanked off their turbans and cut off their hair. The teens said they were at a bus stop Wednesday night when three men approached them and asked to borrow money, Capt. Vincent Quatrone said. The groups got into a pushing match, and the assailants ran into Memorial Park, he said. The teens said they followed, but the men were joined by two accomplices, who kicked and punched them and robbed them of about $40, Quatrone said. One man then removed the teens' turbans, pulled out a pair of scissors and cut 3 to 4 feet of hair from the victims as they pleaded with him to stop, the captain said. Sikhs are forbidden by their religion to cut their hair, believing it is a gift from God." The boys later revealed that they fabricated the attacks our of shame for cutting their hair. For updated story, see: Sikh Teens Admit Fabricating Attack .