Sikh Students Take School Authorities to Court Over Turban Ban

November 6, 2004

Source: Frontline

On November 6, 2004 Frontline reported, "[T]hree Sikh students attending the Louise Michel school in the Paris suburb of Bobigny took their school authorities to court. Since classes re-convened last September, the three boys, guilty of contravening the new law banning the wearing of conspicuous or 'ostensible' religious symbols in state-run schools, had been confined to the dining hall and kept out of the classrooms and the playground. One of the boys, Bikramjit, in his final year of the science stream, said they had made concessions to the school's demands by dropping their seven-metre-long turban for the much lighter and more discreet keski or 1.5-metre-long under-turban... The court gave the school two weeks to hold a disciplinary hearing, where the students would be asked to explain themselves and the educational authorities would decide upon their fate. It chided the school for the delay."