Sikh Student Regains Right to Wear Kirpan to School

March 16, 2005

Source: UNITED SIKHS Press Release

On March 16, 2005 United Sikhs Press Release reported, "UNITED SIKHS Helps New York Sikh Student Regain Right to Wear his Kirpan to School Westchester County, New York—Despite 15 year old Amandeep Singh's exemplary academic and disciplinary records, he was suspended from his New York state Greenburgh Central School last month when the Kirpan he has been wearing to school for 7 years was deemed to be an offensive weapon by his school authorities. The UNITED SIKHS advocacy team led by New York lawyer Gurpatwant Singh, intervened with the assistance of lawyers from the Becket Fund. Yesterday, Amandeep received a letter from School Superintendent Josephine Moffett expunging his record of the suspension and allowing him to wear his kirpan at school. Gurpatwant Singh said, 'We recognize that the school has upheld the First Amendment and we admire the stance taken by the school.'"