Sikh Student Fined for Carrying Kirpan

April 24, 2005

Source: The Tribune

On April 24, 2005 The Tribune reported, "A Danish Court has imposed a fine of 3000 kroners on Ripudaman Singh, a student, of the Aahrus University, Denmark for wearing a ‘kirpan’. Ripudaman Singh hails from Jalandhar. Before his entry into the US Embassy in Copenhagen for the purpose of seeking a visa, Ripudaman Singh handed over his 'kirpan' and mobile phone to the security staff of the embassy on May 24, 2004. He was stunned when on his return the embassy security staff confronted him saying he should have confessed that he was in possession of a 'knife.' Ripudaman pleaded that it was not a 'knife' but a religious symbol worn by baptised Sikhs the world, over, but, Danish police officials who had been called by the US Embassy security staff remained adamant and directed him to either pay fine for possessing of a “knife” or face prosecution in a Copenhagen city court."