Sikh Security Company Offers Model for Multicultural Awareness

March 17, 2005

Source: Voice of America Press Release

On March 17, 2005 a Voice of America Press Release reported, "the village of Espanola, New Mexico carries on its rich Hispanic traditions that began when Spaniards first settled in the small mountain town in 1598. But today's Espanola is also home to a Sikh community that founded one of the largest and fastest growing security companies in the United States, [Akal Security]. The name has great meaning for Sikhs. 'Akal means undying, deathless,' [says co-founder Daya Singh Khalsa]. 'Akal was the cry of the Sikh warriors entering battle. They would chant akals to mean 'death cannot conquer us.' Daya Singh Khalsa, senior vice president and co-founder of Akal Security in customary sikh turban and tunic [explains],'one of the missions of Akal Security is to blend the ancient Sikh principles of the soldier-saint with the modern security needs of the United States and other countries.'"