Sikh Property in Lodi Vandalized with Graffiti

October 15, 2005

Source: Lodi News-Sentinel

On October 15, 2005 the Lodi News-Sentinel reported, "The crudely painted black, red and green swastikas and letters came as a shock this week to Lodi Sikhs who regularly gather at their property [in Lodi, California]... Who painted the swastikas and letters that stand for 'white power' is not known. The vandalism appeared this week on the Sikh property, including the trailer, a fence and a closed fruit stand... In addition... a derogatory phrase referring to people of Middle Eastern descent was painted on the back side of the trailer. Also painted several times were the letters 'SS,' the abbreviation for Nazi storm troopers.

The property has been owned by a 21-member trust for about two years... Now, the local group is working to build a [Sikh Gurdwara] on the property...

[David Hill, chair of Lodi’s Breakthrough Project, an organization created to combat racism and prejudice in Lodi] suspects the graffiti at the Sikh site may have actually targeted the Muslim community, which has been in the national spotlight since June, when five Lodi men were arrested during a terror investigation in the city.

'But no matter who they meant to do it to, it’s wrong,' Hill said."