Sikh Police Officer Reinstated to NYPD

July 30, 2004

Source: New York Daily News

On July 30, 2004 the New York Daily News reported that, "Jasjit Singh Jaggi made history - and now he wants to get back to work. A day after becoming the country's first law enforcement officer allowed to wear a Sikh turban on the job, Jaggi said, 'I had to fight, but in the end, I'm taking home the big prize.' The city's Human Rights Commission ordered the NYPD last month to reinstate Jaggi to his traffic agent job and let him wear a religious turban while on duty. The NYPD did not appeal... Two years ago, Jaggi, 36, sold his New York City taxi medallion for $180,000 and went to the Police Academy. He graduated first in his class but resigned after 10 months because his supervisors refused to let him wear his turban and beard on duty."