Sikh Police Officer 'Offended' By Turban Demand

September 16, 2009

Author: Mike Keegan

Source: Manchester Evening News

A Sikh police officer was left 'humiliated' after he was forced to take off his turban, a tribunal heard. 

Gurmeal Singh, 31, says he was 'deeply offended' after the incident, which is alleged to have happened on a training course in front of fellow officers.


He is accusing Greater Manchester Police of racial and religious discrimination. It follows what he claims was a long-running row over his refusal to remove his turban on religious grounds. 

Mr Singh, who joined the force in 2003, says he was not allowed to ride a cycle, despite telling officials he would sign a disclaimer clearing them of any blame in the event of an accident. 

He also claims that he was told to make his own 'royal insignia' for his turban and shouted at when he refused to go on training exercises that included wearing a helmet. As a result, he says, he has been left suffering panic attacks and high blood pressure and is now contemplating resigning.