Sikh Passenger Receives Apology from Airline

October 30, 2003

Source: The Times of India

On October 30, 2003 the Times of India reported on Sikh passenger Satnam Dhillon's recent apology from National Airlines. "Rather than go to trial, National Airlines acceded to Dhillon's request and sent him a written apology, the first of its kind ever offered by a major airline, according to the ACLU lawyers who assisted Dhillon in his lawsuit. The letter signifies 'a victory for all Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus in that we do look different in our appearance but that we do have rights here in America as US citizens.' Dhillon, who did not want his photo published, declared. 'Even though (the airlines) have their rights and everything, I stood up to them and they apologized. They did wrong. So I'm telling everybody to stand up, and if you think you have been wronged, pursue it.'"

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