Sikh Organization Educates Against Further Backlash

April 29, 2002

Source: The Daily News

On April 29, 2002, The Daily News featured the article "Sikhism Demystified: Harassment based on ignorance, crusader says." The article reported on Swaranjit Singh's efforts to educate about the Sikh religion "in the hope that knowledge will cut down on the threats and harassment Sikhs have suffered since Sept. 11. Last week, Singh's group, the Sikhism Promotion Mission, joined with the Immigrant Community Council to give Brooklyn prosecutors a peek into the Sikh religion. District Attorney Charles Hynes said such meetings were even more important now because of increased harassment of ethnic communities ... 'When I think of the World Trade Center, I think of all those people killed by hate,' Hynes said. 'Only through education can we end this vile hatred that is seemingly passed on from generation to generation.'" The article explained that Singh "was a computer salesman on Sept. 11 but left that job in January to develop his Promotion Mission after hearing other Sikhs complain of harassment - and being cursed at himself. ... Still, Singh said he has found that people are willing to listen, and learn, about Sikhism when given the chance."