Sikh Nation Organisation Calls for "Golden Turban" Protest of French Ban of Religous Symbols

April 6, 2004

Source: Expatica

On April 6, 2004 Expatica ran an Agence France Presse article that reported, "A Sikh organisation here called Tuesday on Sikhs worldwide to don a golden turban on April 13 - their holy day - to protest a French ban on such religious symbols in state schools. Manjit Singh Randhawa, of the 'Sikh Nation Organisation,' said they had also asked the United Nations to intervene in the matter. 'We have taken up the issue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights at United Nation office in Geneva,' Randhawa told a gathering of hundreds of Sikhs here. 'The ban is unjustified and unreasonable,' he added. 'It's a direct attack and interference on the personal liberty on school going children.'"