Sikh Man Receives "Home Town Hero" Award in Fremont

July 10, 2006

Source: SikhNet News

On July 10, 2006 SikhNet News reported, "Amritpaul Singh, who has lived and worked in the United States for almost 23 years, was recently given the 'Home Town Hero' award by the parade committee of City of Fremont, Calif., in recognition of his involvement in international humanitarian work especially in the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina. Mr Singh, who is known in the Bay area for helping people in trouble, is the Operational Head of Sikh Aid, the humanitarian relief directorate of the United Sikhs, in the West Coast of the United States. When he is not involved in disaster relief work, he helps stranded motorists, changes punctured tires of hapless motorists, transports unfortunate 'breakdown' victims, drives people in need to airports and to their driving tests. Helping needy families to transport children to schools, elders to Gurdwaras, temples and churches is part and parcel of Mr. Singh's life. Mr. Singh is the first South Asian selected for this award. Commenting on the award, Mr.Singh says, 'It's a tremendous honour. I would have never expected this in a thousand years. But it is a tribute to the Sikh Community that I was connected to, and the solid support that we received from United Sikhs members and the donor community.'"

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