Sikh Man Forced to Remove Turban to Enter Government Building

January 22, 2004


On January 22, 2004 reported, "[A] 50 year old Sikh man was forced to enter a government building in Paris bare-headed after security guards refused to let him wear his Turban inside the building. Jagmohan Singh from Bobigny, a suburb of Paris, had gone to the Creama Perfecture in La Chapelle to extend his temporary residence permit with his family today when security officers refused to return his turban, after they had forced him to remove it. 'This has never happenend to me before. I have been to this perfecture every three months since I arrived in France a year ago,' said Mr. Singh...After the incident, Mr Singh contacted United Sikhs to tell them of his experience. United Sikhs, a global human development organization who launched a world-wide petition drive in the wake of French President Jacques Chirac's call for a ban on religious symbols in schools and public workplaces."